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Maca powder...Superfood Maca and Cocao Shake

This week I was in this beautiful store which is a plastic free store in Auckland New Zealand which is called The Source situated in Milford Northshore, whilst provisioning here I spotted Maca powder. I have never tried this before, it smelt like slightly burn't caramel toffee.

So many guest and crew have particular health issues and introducing them to nutrient dense superfoods is super exciting for me and for them when they realize just how delicious super whole foods are.

Maca is a root vegetable that comes from Peru.  Maca in the past few years has hit the Super Food status, one quality it holds is that it is adaptogen which means when consumed it helps the body cope with stressors due to its high anti-oxidant value and micro nutrient density.

Maca is generally available in powder form this making it extremely easily for it to enter into the blood stream as its small particle form allows for easy digestion.

Maca has had many scientific research to investigates its many benefic…

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