Sleep one of the key immunity booster for your body....

8 hours of good quality unbroken sleep is what is required to gain optimum health, vitality and immunity. Due to our natural time clock inside our brain, bed before 10.30 pm and sleep to 6.30 am for adults and more for children. 

  Why is this? Sleep is the bodies time to renew & detoxify cells, flush our cerebral brain fluid so it’s fresh for the morning, detoxify vital organs such as liver, kidneys & spleen.  It allows the heart to rest a little with a slower heartbeat, sleep allows the body to basically do its general maintenance much like a factory.  Without this vital general maintenance, the mechanisms start to ware quicker and malfunction. 

This is why a lack of sleep causes people to get brain fog, clumsy, forgetful, irritable because the detoxification pathways are reduced and toxins in the body build-up, our body goes into a stress response of fight or flee which causes blood sugar levels to rise, this causes digestion to shut down and then nutrient absorption stops and often people get diarrhoea.  Wound healing and cell rejuvenation reduce, immunity goes down as inflammation in the body goes up.  It is all downhill from there as the body becomes into dis-ease an imbalance.


Set yourself up for great sleep by turning off the T.V at 9.00 to 9.30 have a nice warm shower or bath with Epsom salt in it.  Make sure your bedroom is warm but not over warm, open windows in the day to get fresh air into your room.

  Have clean sheets and warm duvet for cool months.  Diffuse lavender essential oil into the bedroom before bed.  Have soft lighting such as a salt lamp to tell your brain to slow down.  Hop into bed at 10 pm with a book or do some mindfulness journaling or meditation.

  Make your bedroom a haven by decluttering, removing items from under the bed, cleaning the space by vacuuming and dusting.  Get rid of anything that doesn’t ‘spark you joy’ @mariekondo will show you how.
Implement your night routine today! Your body will love you for it.

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