Day 5 - Move start a walking practice

Back again after prioritizing my family at this time. Now we are in the swing of self-isolation it is back to Day 5 (I apologize for the delay).  To recap Day 1 – Bed Before 10.30 pm and a full 7 - 8 hours sleep, Day 2 – Breath with the 4-second breath,  Day 3 Thoughts create things Day 4 –Ground Yourself as we are energy beings.  

Now Day 5 – Move,  in self-isolation, you may be working from home or unable to work either way a new routine would have occurred.  In this routine, it is a window of opportunity to form new beneficial habits than can be installed over the next 3 weeks.   Movement is one of these key habits which will help increase mood, increase blood flow which increases nutrient absorption and detoxification and it gives us a connection to our bodies and nature.  

For the next 3 weeks do a daily walking practise of at least 30 minutes with alternating between one day a brisk walk to get the blood flow up and the next day a mindful walking practice to notice the leaves changing colour, the birds chirping, children laughing, the clouds and all the little joyful things in life you may have not noticed before. 

Joining a website like a yoga website that I love is a wonderful way to expand your knowledge of yoga, meditation, healthy living and more.  With a 15 - 30minute yoga practice or 10-minute meditation, this is a great alternative when the weather is not so great outside.

So today begin your movement routine and comment below with what your favourite movement is in this time in your bubble.  


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