Ground your Energy to Reduce Stress & Anxiety...

With this whole situation so many of us have been overthinking with all the tasks we have to get sorted encase of self-isolation, get provisions, sort school work, financial concerns and it goes on.  All the energy from this is radiating around the mind/spirit area of the body which is located around the head, heart and throat.

Bringing our energy back down to earth to equalize our body/mind/spirit is so balancing, so neutralizing that I highly recommend to learn and do the Donna Eden energy exercises.   We are all energy beings living on an energy earth. 

These energy exercises by Donna Eden a leading energy expert are awesome, do these daily and you feel the difference with your stress levels, anxiety and if you are feeling overall.

Getting back to earth by taking your shoes off and walking on grass or sand naturally ground you, getting into nature a bush walk, a beach walk or a walk around your garden.  If you are in an apartment sitting on the balcony and reconnecting to nature this way is great too. 

Bruce Lipton who wrote the book Biology of Belief a stem cell biologist has great insight into how the cells work in the body,

Marisa Peer amazing hypnotherapist talk about why we are trained to be negative.

So your mission for this weekend is to snuggle down and watch these three great YouTube Clips. 

Also to implement the breathing exercises in the post prior, get your 8 hours sleep a night and put that elastic band on your wrist to retrain your thoughts to positivity and away from negativity. See previous posts for details or visit my blog on the website. Link in bio.
Enjoy J


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