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Our breath, one of the most valuable tools in our natural immunity tool kit.  In the modern world with stress part of many peoples daily life, our breath becomes more shallow which causes less oxygen into the body and greater carbon dioxide build-up. (SEE BREATHING EXERCISE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST).

The shallow breathing is caused by the stress response in the fight or flees that would naturally be saved for short bursts of stress in our caveman situation.  In the modern world, stress is often prolonged and therefore shallow breathing becoming the normal state of the body. 
Switching to long deep breaths is a matter of retraining the subconscious mind into a parasympathetic nervous system which is the rest, digest, repair and restore the nervous system.  By breathing in a relaxed manner has massive positive impacts on your health. 

By breathing calmly and slowly it tells all your cells that the government (you/mind/spirit) is in control and that everything is great. This causes blood flow to the digestion for nutrient absorption, it allows nutrients and toxins to flow in and out of cells, it calms the nervous system which then can function clearly in its signalling throughout the body functions for hormones, enzymes, digestion, heart, lung and kidney function.   Most importantly you will feel less anxiety, you will find you will feel more positive, your skin may glow as more oxygen is fed to every cell of the body. 

EXERCISE; For the next 21 days I would love you to do this breathing exercise that the Navy Seals do when in a stressful situation. 

Breath in through the nose,  wait 4 – 5 seconds and breath deeply out through the mouth into the belly then wait 4 – 7 seconds repeat, do any many as you feel comfortable without strain. 
Do this breathing technique upon waking (place a reminder by your bed), before lunch, before dinner and then before bed.  Put an alarm on your phone and screen saver on your computer and phone. 
Do this for 21 days or more to shift your body from stress and anxiety into rest, relax, restore and digest way of being.  It takes over 21 days to change a habit. 

Do this today and tell your friends. 
Clare x
Registered Clinical Nutritionist
Qualified Chef


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