Create a schedule & shape your world...

Building a schedule; people are very much in tune with schedules we have our circadian rhyme (body clock) which works best when we eat, sleep, wake-up, exercise at the same time each day, the detoxification of our organs run to our internal clock too.  The day and night form us into a schedule, naturally, we would wake with the sun and sleep/rest after sunset.   Even the moon affects our rhyme with many women experiencing their period around a full moon. 

The seasons see us changing our schedule with naturally slowing down and hibernating in winter and spring and autumn brings more life and activity as we would naturally prepare the soil, sow seeds and get ready for the summer and autumn bounty.   Summer can be a time of relaxation once again. 

During the time in lockdown in New Zealand, it is very soothing to create yourself a schedule, a natural rhyme to work too.  Since this is a new experience writing down what you want in your schedule such as breathing exercises upon waking, walk-in nature at 4 pm with the kids each day or dog walk helps to form a schedule.  This can be a fun task writing what you wish to schedule into your new life.

Keeping the same basic schedule each day such as the time you wake up, meal times, sleep times, exercise times is the key to gain great health and vitality which will soothe the body & mind (which is millions of cells and you are the prime minister of these cells).  Comment below on your scheduled plans and ideas.


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