A List of Swap Out Suggestions; to boost your health and vitality on your journey


It is beneficial to have a look at your food diary and then evaluate what swap outs you can do to go from unhealthy food options to healthy tasty food options.  Planning meals can help to keep you on track and decluttering your pantry to remove temptation is key.  Remember its all about balance and interestingly you will find that once you are on your healthy eating journey, junk food and processed foods become less appealing.

Key points are

  1. Always have a protein breakfast as this will curb hunger, stabilize blood sugar levels and give you a good boost of B vitamins. 
  2. Have protein with every meal, again this will make from more sustainable energy and in this modern world, we often are overloaded with simple carbs which cause sugar spiking in the blood.
  3. Put vegetables in whenever possible and get creative with dips, roasting, salads, dipsticks.
  4. Swap out vegetable oils such as sunflower for coconut oil, refined if you don't like the taste.  This can be used for roasting and it has a high burn point which is great for cooking.  Drizzle cold-pressed olive oil on bread, vegetables, mix into dips this is great for the skin, nervous system and for detoxifying cells. 
  5. Create a recipe book, if it's a good recipe it goes into the book.  You can keep another one for ones you want to try in the future. 


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