Change your thought, change your reality...

Change your thought, change your reality.  The thought is powerful but why? Our thoughts are influenced by perception and perception is influenced by our up-bring. From 0-7 years of age, we are in a hypnotic state (this is scientifically true) absorbing the world and creating a virtual reality by a programming of the subconscious mind.  

Life after 7 years of age often is hinged on this subconscious programming. 

So for this Day 3 of your vitality programme focus on POSITIVE THOUGHT. 

When a negative thought comes into your mind switch it out straight away with a positive thought, this can be a random positive thought such as I am so grateful for living in New Zealand, or it can be a flip of the negative thought you have just had in your mind.  Such as ‘’I am so worried about what is going on at the moment’’ flip it ‘’I am so grateful that my family is so healthy and we have healthy food to eat”. 

This might feel strange at first as negativity maybe your familiar and positivity the unfamiliar (as humans we are trained to be negative for survival).  After a few days, it will get easier as positivity becomes familiar. 

Write on your hand, screen save it or place a rubber band on your hand and each time a negative thought comes it ping it and go to a positive thought. It’s actually really fun.

Remember you are the government of all your cells so being a positive leader creates a positive healthy cell which creates a healthy body, mind and spirit who is in a relax, restore, rest and digest way of being. This greatly boosts immunity and quality of life.


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