Basic Stone Ground Organic Cheese Bread Sticks

This is a great basic recipe for Focaccia, bread rolls, cheese sticks or what ever shape and bread flavour takes your fancy.  I do use a bread maker because I find it an amazing time saver but it will work if doing by hand too. By making your own bread there are no additives or preservatives and it is alot cheaper that buying organic stone ground bread.

Basic Stone Ground Bread Dough

250ml Warm Water
2 Tablespoon's Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon Salt
2 Teaspoons Sugar
3 Cups of Organic Stone Ground White Flour
2 Teaspoons granular yeast

Place the ingredients in order starting from the top into your bread maker pan and place on dough setting.  This generally takes 1 1/2 hours but bread makers vary.

                                        Preheat oven to 220 degrees Celsius

Once finished, remove from pan and shape into desired shapes, I cut mine into 8 then grated cheese and swirled it into the dough whilst twisting the dough and the buns simply shape into balls and cut a cross on the top so they can expand. Place on a lined tin or can use oil or flour on the tin so will not stick.

Let prove (rise) for 1/2 hour in a warm place, I place my tin in a plastic bag to prove for best results.

Place in preheated oven of 220 degrees Celsius and bake sticks or buns for around 25 minutes or until done this might be quicker or longer depending on oven and bun size.

Enjoy :)


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