Yachting & Healthy Living: Can They Actually Co-Exist'? by OnBoard OnLine.

Angela Orecchio from OnBoard OnLine writes an interesting article 'Yachting & Healthy Living: Can They Actually Co-Exist'  Over the years I have seen many a slim new crew ranging from 18 - 28 step a board 'Ahoy Matey', young, slim, keen and ready to see the world.  As a veteran of this Super Yacht Living I lightly node my head and watch yet another one full into the 'Superyacht Lifestyle'.

Wine, spirits, fillet steak, cheese boards, luscious desserts, lack of water, long days, short sleeps, months of work and no play, strained crew relationships (where the sleeping arrangements change often) the high life.

Result; expanding waist lines, bad skin, numerous hang overs, change of mood, depleted nutrients, turning paradise into hmmmm, questioning if you actually want to be there.

Super yachting is a good life if you play it right and follow a few simple rules to create a healthy life style on-board.  Check out the article by Angela Orecchio from OnBoard OnLine 'Yachting & Healthy Living: Can They Actually Co-Exist'   .

As a Nutritionist as well as a chef getting nutrient dense foods on a daily bases and limiting food intake to your bodies requirements is one of the key factors to sustaining healthy longevity on Superyachts.  As chef's we play a key role in providing and educating crew as well as guests on healthy tasty food choices.

A nutrient dense sample menu

Wake up with Chai Seeds; Chai Seeds soaked in Coconut Water accompanied by home-made coconut yoghurt whirled with a pineapple couli.

Chef's Sourdough Seeded Spelt Bread topped with freshly made kale and sundried tomato pesto topped with free range eggs and served with a side of wilted spinach sprinkled with toasted garlic and sesame seeds cold pressed olive oil dressing.

Offer fresh juices through out the day from the juice fountain. These are nutrient dense add spinach, kale and vegetables rather than pure fruit that are high in sugar.  Water down with coconut water if sweet.

Wild rice crab salad infused with coriander and lime dressing.

Fresh tropical fruits of mango, papaya and banana served with Dark Chocolate Chai dipping sauce.

Pre-dinner drink; Summer Fruits Kombucha


Leafy green herbed Salad drizzled with lemon and avocado oil.

Snapper poached in lemon and dill seafood stock accompanied by oven baked crispy courgette chips and broccoli creme fraiche puree.

Apricot and coconut bliss balls coated with Fair Trade white chocolate.

Herbed Tea's or Coffee.

Personally I find nutrient dense whole foods so much more tasty than lifeless, processed foods.  One vital key to nutrient dense food is Fresh and Organic (where possible), these foods need little work to change them into a great menu.


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