Chit Chat

After a crazy busy Christmas, New Year period that then continued into January then February posts have been few and far between so I apologise for that.  But most chef's of Superyachts would totally understand since this time of year can be extra busy with people escaping from the winter cold and chartering yachts or using there own yacht more often.

I have been very busy collecting and photographing an array of delightful recipes for this coming year.  As I am growing older and gaining more knowledge of food I am realising the great potential of food and nutrition to prevent and heal the body from many diseases that are coming common place in today's world.  So the focus for this year is to move to more nutrient dense food items and provide the knowledge I learn along the way on how food can prevent and heal the body.

I find nearly every charter has a person with allergies, food intolerance or on a special diet so having a basic back ground on this is very helpful in the Superyacht industry.

Have a lovely day where ever you are in the world :) Namaste


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