Antigua Charter Yacht Show Cheffing Competition Results

Antigua Charter Yacht Show finished on the 12th of December 2013 congratulations to the  winners of the chef and stewardess competition which is as follows

Chef Competition

Category 1: Yachts 160 feet and over 
1st place: Chef Anders Pedersen of M/Y Altitude
2nd place: Chef David Hawkins of M/Y Sealyon
3rd place: Chef Tami Ayers of S/Y Marie 

Category 2: Yachts 100 to 159 feet 
1st place: Chef Jake Luke of M/Y Crowned Eagle
2nd place: Chef Tracy Ireland of M/Y Safira 
3rd place: Chef Nate Cox of M/Y Lady J

Category 3: Yachts 99ft and under
1st place: Chef Gisele Lannamann of S/Y Aurelius
2nd place: Chef Caro Uy of S/Y Skylark
3rd place: Chef Adrian Martin of S/Y Matau

Stewardess Competition

Category 1: Yachts 160 feet and over 
M/Y Teleost 

Category 2: Yachts 100 to 159 feet 
M/Y Crowned Eagle

Category 3: Yachts 99ft and under
S/Y Alethia

I personally was not able to be there but I hear it was yet another wonderful event. Now its straight into Charter/Owner season, it is astonishing how quickly the Caribbean Season comes around.


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