Zesty Charred Broccoli Salad with a Toasted Garlic Chilli, Lemon Dressing

 This is such a beautiful way to turn broccoli into a more tasty delight.  The combinations of chilli, lemon and toasted garlic are mouth watering and charring the broccoli either on the barbecue or in a dry cast iron pan gives the broccoli another element.

This salad works well with a variety of combinations, but I feel it works particularly well with fish as the lemon compliments it well. Entree, lunch or with a meal this recipe is a must have in your repertoire.

Zesty Charred Broccoli with a Toasted Garlic, Chilli, Lemon Dressing


2 heads of broccoli (I like using organic local broccoli for its has more green colouring and delicate texture)


4 garlic cloves
3 Tablespoons of a light tasting oil such as sunflower oil
1 juicy lemon, juice and zest required
1 Tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce

Cut broccoli into small florets and half them, Blanche the broccoli I do this by steaming it for 2 minutes to retain flavour and nutrients but can Blanche in simmering water also.  Drain broccoli and dry on a dry tea towel.

Slice garlic cloves and place in saucepan with the oil.  Place on low heat and very gently infuse over 5 minutes allowing the garlic to just come a little toasty but not to much.  Set a side to cool.

Place broccoli onto a hot b/q plate or into a hot cast iron fry pan and char the outer edges of broccoli place charred broccoli into a bowl.

Combine garlic oil, lemon juice, zest and sweet chilli sauce together with a pinch of salt whisk together and drizzle over the broccoli and fold this in gently.

Serve either at room temperature or warm.

The dressing to this salad is a great one to just have stored for use on fish, chicken, green salads or vegetables.  It is very helpful to have dressings at hand especially on yachts where unexpected events can delay galley work such as bad weather or sea sickness to name a few. 


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