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When travelling the world especially when starting off in the Superyacht Industry it can seem like a whirl wind cruising from one destination to another.  It can be nice to actually know where you are going, what is the marina like?, what facilities are there?, is the town/city close by? what does the marina look like? is there parking close by for provisioning the vessel easily or is it a long walk with trolleys? is there someone to contact on particular information like where can I buy fresh lobster?.  The more you can find out prior the better and less stress on arrival.

The fabulous website provides valuable knowledge of marinas around the world, providing information on marina facilities, local information, birth sizes and numbers, marina layout and forecast for the next few days.

It has to be said for the Caribbean there are quite a few missing and I hope they fill these gaps as it is a valuable resource.  But if heading for St Martin/St Maarten, has a destination guide to St Martin as well as marina guide for Palapa MarinaYacht Club Port de Plaisance both in Simpson Bay situated on the Dutch side so St Maarten  and Marina Fort Louis in Marigot the capital of French side of St Martin.  All very confusing if you have never been.

Within this site Under Construction looks at an array of Superyachts that are under construction at present, here states that at this time there are 500 new Superyacht under construction.  The word for that is 'WOW' just imagine how many crew are required for that many yachts at bare minimum 500 chefs!

So check out SUPERYACHT.COM to browse luxury yachting and lifestyle and read some very interesting up to date articles.

When at St Maarten enjoy the Sunset Bar at Maho Beach situated in the below YouTube clip, check out more clips on line.  I had issues up loading the good ones.

A little word of warning St Maarten/St Martin is quite dangerous in the regards of crime not only for females so do not walk around after dark by yourself, guys and girls don't get drunk and then walk home if your yacht and bar is not in the same marina.

Enjoy and keep safe ...


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