Buy Organic Bananas for Health and the Health of Others

A friend recently gave me the insight on bananas tell me that "Men, women and children are dying due to pesticides being sprayed over them in banana plantations".  I was shocked at such information and decided to investigate further into situation.

I find it appalling in the western world that most of us including myself just have no ideas what is happening to our food and the people that grow it for us.  The governments are all part of this as they allow these heavily pesticide, chemical riddled foods into the country to feed "their people", giving us no information on the source of the produce.  They have no conscious as people in the plantations are being poisoned, children are born deformed, men, women and children are dying of terrible diseases in far away countries 'out of sight and out of mind'.

But the people like ourselves can demand organic, especially with the large quantities of fresh produce that the Superyacht industry goes through.  The ripple in the pond applies here, taking the action yourself by buying only organic and others will follow.  Please educate others of our food sources

Ways to get the word out

  • Buy only organic
  • State on your menu's that these are organic bananas you are using
  • If you are really passionate state why they are organic on a blurb under the menu such as 'consuming organic bananas that are free of harmful chemicals.  These harmful chemicals are detrimental to health of yourself, your family and the health of the families that work in the plantations where death and birth deformity are common place due to the chemical DPCP sprayed on bananas.  Thank you for your help. 
  • Talk to fellow chefs and crew member when you discover these things such as the banana chemical spraying. 
  • Ask your local provisioning agent about supplying organic and ask other chefs to do so.
  • With demanding organic only this will cause an increase in organic practises beneficial for all humans, the planet and creatures that roam it. 

Studies done show firm evidence of pesticide residue in children eating a conventional diet compared to their organic eating peers.

The conference in 1977 on the effects of DBCP on workers


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