The 'Egg Trick' is it good or bad?

As a Superyacht chef we provision out stores all over the world.  Getting produce from markets is common place.  With fruit and vegetable you can easily tell when they are on there last legs with wilting, discolouration, soft texture or wrinkled skin. In the case of the humble egg it is a little harder to know if it past its best, so often having to buy them in good faith.  One way to check the freshness once on-board if concerned is to fill a tallish jug with cold water and place the egg in;

If the egg floats it is off and do not eat!

If the egg sinks it is fresh

This simple test can come in handy when in places where you unsure of freshness.  But note once the egg has been placed in the water the protective coating of the shell dissolves so use within the day.


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