Caspian Sea Yoghurt aka Matsoni Yoghurt Culture

The other day I was listening to New Zealand National Radio via the internet and listened to this interesting programme on developing Caspian Sea Yoghurt.

 Yoghurt with deliciously warmed vanilla butter cake

The guest speaker is Deb Gully, who takes you through the procedure of creating a yoghurt that develop at room temperature, plus some enlightening information on how yoghurt is essential for gut health with an accidental experiment of foreigners in a country getting sick eating the local foods yet the locals remain completely healthy.  After observing the locals eating habit which included consuming their own locally created yoghurt,  the foreigners then started doing the same with positive results.

   Apparently many regions of the world have their own yoghurt cultures that consist of various beneficial bacteria's not just the acidophilus ones that the western world is so familiar with.  Deb Gully who is the guest speaker take you through an interesting journey of creating your own room temperature yoghurt.

To purchase the Caspian Sea Yoghurt Culture plus other live cultures

In New Zealand

In America

In the UK

I am always amazed about food and how I never knew about things like Caspian Sea Yoghurt!! It shows that the world of cuisine is so vast that one never stops learning and this is what makes the world of food so exciting.


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