Aloe and Cucumber Gel for Cooling Down Sunburn

Aloe plant

I just found this fantastic YouTube site  for making your own Aloe and Cucumber Gel, for over sun kissed skin.  I realise as a chef on board a superyacht there might be little time for such things but personally I love to learn and I am always interested in creating natural remedies from the galley stores.  If interested in making your own Aloe and Cucumber Gel, it adds an interesting twist for your guests and crew to have fresh Aloe and Cucumber Gel coming out of the galley. This gel could be used to cool those light surface burns that are common in a galley situation.   Always use a clean spoon to extract the gel and don't double dip, this will allow for good hygiene practise. In the video it states that the gel keeps for up to one week in the fridge.


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