Marinade for Beautifully Tender Chicken

Just a quick note, today I made chicken strips encased in cheese and herb breadcrumbs served with a mild garlic aioli.    When I do chicken like this or similar I always marinate my chicken strips the ratio being a good squeeze and a dollop of natural yoghurt per chicken breast used.  Leave for 3 hours and you will have lovely tender chicken.

If crumbing I don't remove the marinade from the chicken I just dip the strips into flour, eggs and crumbs.  For the gluten free people use rice flour and gluten free bread breadcrumbs.  I like this marinade because it doesn't flavour the chicken much, use more lemon if requiring lemon chicken.

Marinade for tender chicken 

1 chicken breast
1 good squeeze of lemon
1 dollop of natural yoghurt

Marinate for 2 - 3 hours



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