Bread into Bread Crumbs

Placing your older bread into bread crumbs not only saves money and packaging, fresh breadcrumbs I find are far superior to their dry supermarket counter parts. Home-made bread crumbs allows more scope with wholemeal, 5 grain, ciabatta, herb breads, brioche  and gluten bread all can be processed. Dried herbs or fresh herbs can be easily added along with sesame seeds, poppy seeds these all add variety to a plain bread crumb.  If freezer space is tight a plain crumb is the most useful.

Fresh bread crumbs can be easily made by simply ripping up the stale bread placing in a food processor and whizzing to desired crumb size.  The crumb can be use that day or place in freezer bags for later use.  When required simple remove from the freezer, if using for stuffing , puddings or sauces the crumbs can be used straight from the freezer. If required for coating defrost at room temperature for 30 minutes and use that day.

Crumbs can be frozen up to 3 months.

Uses for breadcrumbs include coating fish and seafood, chicken, schnitzel, use in binding meat patties together, sweet brioche crumb can be used in Queen of Puddings or make a savoury vegetable crumble with a feta, basil and ciabatta crumb.

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