Azores, an amazing sanctuary

Horta capital of Faial in the Azores

Many of you will be heading towards the Azores in the next couple of weeks., or be already on your way. The grand finale of the Antigua Yacht Regatta finishes has finished signalling the end of the Caribbean season. It will be all go from then on in the quest to make it over the ditch to the delightful Mediterranean.

On this passage I have found that the North Atlantic can show its many faces with multiple low’s heading across this stretch of water, it can feel like being a skittle in a bowling alley, with a hit or miss scenario.  Horta the capital of Faial Island in the Azores can feel like a much needed sanctuary, to relax, re-energise and continue on.  Horta Marina is the fourth most visited marina in the world.
    The Azores are situated in the North Atlantic between 36.5’ – 40.0’ N and 24.5’ – 31.5’ West a region that spans 600km’s, there are 9 volcanic islands with many islets.
 Horta the capital of the Island Faial is generally the stop over for most yachts.

The Bay of Horta showing the main settlement as it appeared in 1589

This website has useful information especially regarding bank hours, internet cafes etc.

This is an excellent website I partially like the Horta web cam.  This is the marina with Peter Sports Cafe close by.  Pico Island raises high in the back ground, an amazing sight when sailing in to the archipelago of the Azores.

Azores is a fantastic place for sea wild life, whales, dolphins, sea birds.  In one trip through the Azores I was blessed to experience 40 plus dolphins at night, they preformed an amazing phosphorescence light show. I was on watch on my own, sailing on a reach in about 15 knots of breeze, a fairy tale magical moment.

Peter Cafe Sport
Horta, Azores

Peter Cafe Sport opened its doors on Christmas Day in 1918, it is ‘the watering hole’ for most yachties, especially well know in the superyacht industry. Situated across the road from the marina in Horta.   Peter Cafe Sport houses the famous Scrimshaw Museum which opened in 1986, it has the largest collection of Scrimshaw in the world.


Oh yes don't forget your paint and brushes to paint your poster on the marina break water!. 

Check out this great website on volunteering holidays and conservation work in the Azores 

Handy Information

Language of the Azores is Portuguese
Faial Island, Tourist Office in Horta
Faial :

Posto de Turismo do Faial
Rua Vasco da Gama

9900-117 Horta

Tel.: 292 292237 - Fax: 292 292006

Internet in Horta
Faial, Horta:

"Hotel Do Canal". (Internet access 24-7 also open for people not staying at the hotel.) 
"Hortanet" Rua Walter Bensaude 11. 

Open from 8.30 – 2.30 Monday to Friday
 Currency on the island is Euro

Pharmacies located in Horta are open
9am – 1pm and 3pm – 5 pm Monday to Friday

Emergency number is 115 and there is a hospital on Faial.

UTC/GMT is -1 hour

Post Office or Correio or CTT
Open 8.30am – 12.30pm and 2pm – 5.30 pm


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