Herb Hilgenberg, South Bound II Net

Herb Hilgenberg, who runs South Bound II Net is a very well respected man in the yachting industry.  With vast experience in meteorology as well as blue water and cruising on his own yacht South Bound II, Herb's voice at 1930 UTC time is iconic in the yachting world.

 Herb provides exceptional detailed weather forecasting and personalised recommended shipping route services to any yacht in the North Atlantic between the Eastern Seaboard and Europe including the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico.

Registration is via email and check in time is between 1930 and 1940 UTC every day of the vessels passage.  HF/USB Frequency 12359.0.USB and the Caribbean side 22162.0 or 16528.0

Check out more detail on this wonderful life saving service plus interesting detail of Herbs life.


With nine North Atlantic passages under my belt I love listening to Herb's forecast and what is going on around us.  We have dodged many a bad storm with Herb's knowledge guiding us along.

 Just quickly I remember one passage from Caribbean to Gib via the Azores, Herb gave us the advice that a storm was coming our way but that we could make the Azores just in time. As we where coming in with Pico just insight the storm was brewing.  After a few hours we rounded the Horta break water with 45 + knots and what I call 'water ghosts' swirling up.  Yeh we made it into our delightful cozy port with Peter Sport Cafe across the way, PERFECT ... ;)


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