A Quick Note

Lavender nice and calming for recovery.

The start of the month always seems to be a very busy one for me, but this time its because I have ended up having my appendix out!.  I am just counting my very lucky lucky stars that it didn't go when I was between Marquesa's and Panama or Las Palmas and Antigua or worst still Darwin and Mauritius otherwise I might not be writing this at all.

 Anyway progress this month could go two ways either I getting really bored sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for my abdomen to heal, so get heaps done (not to much cooking though, ouch!) or I am to tired to do much.  So watch this space and sorry about that.  Hope you are having a wonderful March where ever in the world you are :).


  1. Ouch, Clare, your are a lucky lady, that little protrusion can, if it explodes, be fatal in little time. Mine blew apart at the north tip of Fraser Island, and I hoped it was indigestion and kept sailing! Two days later they're taking big knives to my belly. Had a easy month after that. Bit boring, but not too taxing on the computer hands. Mend well, mend fast. Find a good book, if you were closer I'd give you my latest, Where Wild Winds Blow. That'd keep the salt rushing thorough your veins while you're laid up.


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