Creating a beautiful Caribbean Lamb Curry

Blending the curry powder
I am in midst of creating a beautiful Caribbean Lamb Curry, it has to be done since many of us are in the Caribbean at present.  I am using my homemade curry powder, which is incredibly easy to put together plus having decided to place this dish on the menu this morning I came to my store cupboards to find I was out of coconut milk!.  So thankfully I looked into my Superyacht Cuisine Archives to create my own coconut milk out of dry coconut and it has come out fabulous.

I just need to cook some of my organic basmatic rice,  wait 2 hours for my curry to cook then sprinkle with fresh coriander and I am done.  Plus the dish can be guest and crew meal which is always a great bonus. 

I will bring you the recipe probably late tonight once I am done, that if I am not to tired. :)


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