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Today I was in a natural health food store, stocking up on organic basmatic rice, black beans, and other bits and bobs when I came across this 100% biodegradable tooth brush.  The handle is made from sustainable bamboo and the bristles made from biodegradable polymer. 

With so many superyachts out there for charter a great point of difference would be to have sustainable products on board from interior cleaning products, to bathroom products organic shampoo, natural soaps, sustainable toothbrushes and natural toothpaste continuing on too organic cotton bedding.
Plus if there was a large market for this idea, organic meat, dairy products, grains, fruit and vegetables.  I think this would only be possible in the Mediterranean, Australasian areas otherwise it would have to be freighted in.

Anyway one small change on-board to 100% biodegradable toothbrushes means with a crew of 20, 80 plastic toothbrushes would be saved from landfill or from polluting our ocean per year this has got to be good.

Check out this website on http://www.gobamboo.co.nz/

Check out there blog on different environmental issues http://www.gobamboo.co.nz/blog/


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