Superyacht Yogi

The news of the Superyacht Yogi sinking off the coast of Skyros brings a chill down, I would think most superyachties spines.  The footage of the crew being rescued from life rafts and the yacht is just captivating and every ones worst night mare.  It really brings home how important the STCW 95 is in this situation because crew are more prepared for such events, that if anyone can be prepared.

More details I would imagine will come out over the next few days on the situation before the ship leaned into the sea.  With a force 8 weather situation this was an amazing rescue.

Finally bad weather coming to an end!

For me it brings back many memories of the storms I have been through, the adrenaline of 'will we make it' as maydays are going off around us and one superyacht (this was way back) having a helicopter rescue off of the Azores.  Looking up to huge rolling waves, rolling from the bow to the stern like steam rollers. Lightning clouds chasing us as we broad reach as fast as possible out of there, my fingers gripped to the wheel but strangely loving the speed and the loud woosh as the yacht cuts through the sea.  Then the shear exhaustion of 2 + hours on the wheel, rolling into a washing machine below to my bunk thinking do I need anything out of the freezer for tomorrows lunch!

Exhausted Engineer

I was working on Cyclos III and we where on the way from St Maarten in the Caribbean to New York we hit bad weather and actually 70 NM away from us a cruise ship got hit by a massive freak wave and had windows smashed in and took on a lot of water.  In this crazy patch of weather I managed to cook a roast beef, roast potatoes, vegetables, Yorkshire pudding dinner with apple crumble and custard.  I remember challenging myself, the mostly British/Aussie crew where exhausted so it was a great pick up for them.

Check out Cyclos III she is up for sale

Anyway my heart goes out to "Yogi" and her crew, especially the poor captain who will be going through stressful times. Thankfully they are all safe.


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