Organic Brown Jasmine Rice

Just a quick note to say OMG once you have tasted organic brown jasmine rice there is no going back to that white bland flavourless stuff. This brown jasmine rice is wonderfully nutty and the texture is quite different than normal rice.  The other day I decided to make a stir fry rice dish and instead of using my usual jasmine rice I adventured out and tried the organic brown jasmine rice I picked up the other day at the organic food store. 

The cooking ratio I used was 1:11/2 so 1 part rice to 11/2 water, I added boiling water to the washed rice and cooked it on a low heat for 20 minutes, shut the heat off and left it covered for another 10 minutes.  I then placed the rice on a plate to cool for an hour or so.  I continued on to stir fry the vegetables with garlic and ginger, added in my organic jasmine brown rice with 4 splashes of soy sauce and a heaped teaspoon of brown sugar. There you have it one very nutrition, fresh, sooo yummy meal, add this to seared salmon and serve as crew lunch/dinner or guest lunch.  The nutty flavour and texture works particularly well with Asian cuisine

I have found that organic basmatic white rice is very nice too, slightly contradicting myself since I called white rice bland lol, but I have found that the organic rice's have so much more taste for some reason.  If not convinced buy a some amount of organic brown jasmine or basmatic rice next time and do a taste test, it is always great to experiment.  May be do a blind tasting on the crew!.


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