Superyacht M'Ocean, Eco Sustainable Power

It is nice to see that a superyacht is heading towards a more eco sustainable form of living since there foot print on the environment is huge due to fuel and general waste that is generated by the luxury superyacht industry.
M'Ocean launched in 2011 is self supporting for its electrically power.  Stateing that it is 'generating environmentally friendly electrical power' this is via solar power panels, plus M'Ocean has been designed to maximise natural light into the interior of the vessel so generators can be spared therefore fuel consumption reduced.  At first glance there is no mistaking M'Ocean has a modern eco looking design,  something that wouldn't look out of place in a new James Bond movie.  Check out Super Yacht Times full  article on M'Ocean and the wonderful photos attached.

Note:  M'Ocean was launched in November 2011 the article below states it was launched in 2010 this is incorrect.

Launch of M'Ocean by Arcadia Yachts article Mid November 2011


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