Bio-Dynamic, what does this mean on a food label?

Yesterday I was requiring 250g of Ricotta to make my my pine nut and fennel Italian meatballs. I happened to be in a health food store getting provisions of  brown organic jasmine rice among other things and I happened to pick up from the fridge some Hohepa Bio-Dynamic ricotta,  Unsure what bio-dynamic exactly meant I thought I would give it ago and research into the subject.

Organic Strawberries

Bio-Dynamic I have discovered is a form of horticultural and agricultural practise that works with the earth by using organic practises plus holistic relationship practises.  Organic practises in simple form is using compost, seaweed, animal manure etc to nourish the soil which creates a nourishing home for beneficial insects especially worms.  These creatures create there own eco-system of homoeostasis, for example this system produces a great environment for worms that reproduce readily, worms create aeration into the soil plus loads of worm castings (worm poo) to nourish the soil.

Organically grown vegetables

  Organic practises use environmentally friendly sprays such as baking soda and milk spray to reduce powdery mildew for example.   Organic agriculture/horticulture practises require good hygiene to reduce disease and produce a healthy environment.  Plus crop rotation to prevent disease and stripping the soil of certain nutrients.  As well as companion planting

Bio-Dynamic practise goes a step further and integrates the soil, plants and animals together to balance one another to create a self sustaining environment.  The use of fermented herbal mineral preparations to activate compost and use in maintenance sprays is a practise of bio-dynamics. 

Broad Bean plant

Bio-Dynamic farming and horticulture use the local market as much as possible by having local breeds (such as the local breed of sheep that would have naturally thrived in the area), local varieties of plants (for example a cauliflower that has grown successfully in the area for hundreds of years).  Plus the use of local workers where possible to keep the community thriving in the area.
Astronomical sowing, planting and harvesting is part of this system, this is using the moons phases full moon, half moon etc, in the website below it states that "Each of these phases imparts an influence on the way vegetation grows on the planet through the rising and falling of the moisture in the ground and in the plants".

Californian Poppy attracts bees

Germany where this system originated from is hugely into Bio-Dynamic Farming with holding 45.1% of global total.  This type of farming practise feels like it has done full circle and gone back to the ancient forms of farming where humans worked with the earth rather than against it. Bio-Dynamic Farming is definitely worth supporting, the more the demand for the produce the more farms that will change to Bio-Dynamics.

The superyachting industry is a huge consumer so in your next provisioning session buy Bio-Dynamic.  To gain a nutrient dense, excellent product.  Plus it is great added onto the menu as it will get guests talking on what Bio-Dynamic is.

Bio-Dynamic produce ranges from meat, grain, fruit and vegetables, wines, cheeses and the list goes on.

Organic Potatoes

Buying Bio-Dynamic in the U.K

If in the U.K here is a list of where to buy Bio-Dynamic produce and they might export? to superyachts.

Interesting Bio-Dynamic Websites

Bio-Dynamic Wine$184


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