Egg Beater, just like nana's!

Egg Beater

This very old piece of equipment is what our grannies would have used years ago before electric hand beaters came in.  I can remember standing on a chair watching my Nana use one of these whisking away in one of those creamy china big mixing bowls.
These egg beaters (I am not sure of the actual name for them, I was going to call it a granny beater but it sounded a bit violent! and could be taken the wrong way lol) are just so handy especially on a boat where electrical leads can become quite cumbersome when leading at a 45 degree angle.
Simple remove from the draw and start turning the handle, compared with trying to find the beaters to fit into the hand mixer, then finding a socket to plug into. 
These granny beaters are great for batters, cream, piklet mixing, meringues to name a few plus they look cool which is aways important.
Old school jar and scales

I found that Milly's in Auckland, New Zealand sell them, but the beaters are not on-line yet since they are a new product so ring to order them, they are $44.95 contact details are
Phone 0064 9 376 1550 Ponsenby shop or 0064 9 309 1690 Parnell shop

or I have found these granny beaters can be picked up for very little money at Op shops or second hand shops.


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