The Cranks Bible by Nadine Abensur

The Cranks Bible by Nadine Abensur is a fabulous vegetarian food bible, packed with scrummy easy to make vegetarian dishes such as courgette koftas with an almond and tomato sauce, I make these for a quick snack, as pre-dinner nibbles or serve with a salad for a light lunch. Other great recipes are the vege paella, risotto croquettes and the absolute must cook for crew 'An over the top roasted veg lasagne' which is the best lasagne ever created.  I think you could convert a meat eaten with this dish.
This book is written in a chatty informative manor, with loads of interesting vege related snippets of information, so makes for interesting casual reading.  This is a must have book for any chef.

Cranks was a very successful vegetarian restaurant chain in London, starting in the 1961 through to the 2001.

This book was first published in 2001 then 2004, I could find it at Abe books here is the link below.


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