An Art to Crew Food

Recently I was looking through the forum on and there was a chat about "what do crew really want from there chef".  It seems from reading through it was fairly negative towards the chefs on board. 
 Chef's have such a hard job on-board superyachts with having to cater for fussy guests with all sorts of varying diets plus the crew and on top of  all that sometimes a strict budget is being enforced.
Anyway I thought I would do a few blogs on crew food, I know this isn't exactly superyacht cuisine but actually it kinda is.  Crew live of superyachts plus quite often families come on board requiring the basics of burgers, cottage pie, lasagne's, pizzas and there is a skill to making these because I have had some pretty nasty pizzas, actually the worst was in Italy ironically!.  Plus of course crew do love to eat more exotic such as laksa's, roti and thai green curries. 
A great way to interact with crew of what they wish to eat is to get suggestions and have a weekly roster of one crew members favourite meal a day.


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