'Superyacht Jobs' Crew Agency

Whilst cruising through the Internet as ones does on boxing day after, as my brother calls it 'National Fat Day' where you can eat what you like with no guilt, I came across this website http://www.superyachtjobs.com/
 This website is specific to matching up crew and yachts, it combines many agencies listing therefore has a large amount of jobs which is excellent.   At a glance there seems to be numerous cheffing jobs requiring various skills. I love it when websites list the jobs with a location, job description and wage indication.  So even if one is not looking for a job quite yet least one knows the possibilities.

 At http://www.superyachtjobs.com/  there is an array of global cheffing jobs one requesting Michelin Star experience another a freelance chef, most of the cheffing jobs requiring professionally trained chefs. With simple easy directions on how to submit your C.V or to do an advanced job search on specific jobs its definitely worth checking out. http://www.superyachtjobs.com/  


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