Linda's Chickpea and Cashew Curry

My mum sent me this recipe, I love anything with coconut cream in it, my all time favourite dish is Thai Green Curry with Rice.  This is such a great quick and easy recipe, vegetarian but can be made meat lovers by adding chicken or seafood.  Good recipe to use in the Caribbean, or the Pacific to give the guests a tropical dish experience.  My mum added peas to her dish because she loves peas, I have used this recipe to create a vegetable curry by adding lots of different vegetables carrots, courgettes, broccoli and then upping the coconut cream to a standard size tin.


1 white onion
1 Capsicum
1 heaped teaspoon of curry powder of your choice
1 handful of washed sultanas
1 crisp cooking apple peeled and chunky diced
1 handful of raw cashew nuts
1 tin of chickpeas washed thoroughly
 and drained
1 small can of coconut cream


Fry one chopped onion & one capsicum (any colour) in olive oil. When they have softened add either your own curry mix or a bought curry powder. I used a bought one and used one heaped teaspoonful.

 Add a handful of washed sultanas, a chopped apple, a handful of raw cashew nuts and stir so they pick up the curry mix. Then add a tin of chickpeas which have been thoroughly rinsed so that the water runs clear and mix in. Lastly add a small tin of coconut cream. Let this slowly simmer whilst you prepare the rice. Give it a stir every few minutes.

Wash basmati rice three times before putting it into boiling water, put the lid on the saucepan and turn heat right down. About 20 minutes later you will have prefect rice with all the water absorbed, but check every 5 minutes just incase it cooks quicker. 

 Serve with mango chutney, coconut and poppadums. Serves 4 hungry people or 3 greedy ones !! 

Linda's Chickpea and Cashew Curry


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