Leith's Cookery Bible by Prue Leith

This is exactly what the title states a bible, every chef that I have come across has a cookery bible of some sort.  Packed with hundreds of recipes which range from the basics of bechamel sauce, rice pudding through to more complex dishes and fusion food.  Plus back ground info such as 'Dictionary of Cooking Terms and Kitchen French', 'Creative Leftovers and Instant Cooking' and 'Menu Planning'.    Each chapter of the book give a forward information breakdown for instance 'Fish and Shellfish'  tell you how to prepare a fish eg. removing scales, gutting, cleaning etc and in my one which is the 1996 edition there is a seasonal table of commercial fish available in the U.K which is interesting.

As you can see my bible has had a hammering and sailed many miles and this is actually my second copy and I think I need to ask Santa for another one since the index has now disintegrated. Leith's Cookery Bible is a book that will last you a life time with the knowledge that is has in it.  A great book, five star's.

Find this book under Leith's Cookery Bible by Prue Leith,  the 2003 edition is the more modern one.


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