The 50th Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2011

With the 50th Antigua Charter Yacht Show just a week away starting on the 4th December.  I would imagine that the chefs that are involved in the Cheffing Competition have already organised there Caribbean Banquet Themed dinner plus the Carib Bean Coffee Roasters Competition.
Put for those of you that have literally just landed after a hectic two plus weeks at sea I thought I would juggle some ideas around to help you on your quest to win this fantastic competition. Here is the website to look at the details of the Competition.

The Theme is Caribbean Banquet, a Banquet is a feast generally in honour of someone, it has many courses and desserts.  A sweet wine is generally served at the end of a banquet while the table is being cleared.  Therefore I would be looking at 6 dishes plus the competition requires an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink.

The competition is sponsored by Piper Heidsieck Champagne so I would incorporate this into the meal either into the dessert or drink or into a mains dish.

This is a recipe for a Champagne Sorbet
This recipe is for a Mushroom Champagne Sauce

To gain Noddy points I would  make a gift for the judges to take away to remember your banquet by eg. a Caribbean Rum Cake, truffles, rum and raisin fudge, placed in a little decorated box which is easily carried.  Or another idea would be to make a spiced rub for meats that you used in one of the dishes, place in a decorative jars or tin with a thank you card and recipe.

A Caribbean Banquet Themes

Caribbean Cuisine what is it

Caribbean Recipes, this is a great website for the Caribbean check it out at
There are hundreds of Caribbean recipes on this site.

Pirates of the Caribbean (I imagine this one might be popular though)

Merchant ships (the spice, gold ships) ideas would be gold leaf on desserts, mulled wine, spiced chicken wings, ice bowls with spices inside serving home-made spiced coffee ice cream ice blocks, this link is for how to make an ice bowl

Spanish theme of the Italian voyager Christopher Columbus

Flora and Fauna of the Caribbean

Spices, The spice trade

Cinnamon Quills

Coral wonderland of the Caribbean

Sugar Cane and the plantation houses

Cultural melting pot, The theme could be a look at the different cuisine influences such as St Bart's, French Cuisine, Antigua British Cuisine, St Maarten Dutch influence as well as French on the St Marten side of the same Island and we must not forget the huge influence of the African cuisine.

Rum, a rum themed banquet with each course featuring a different rum eg. a fish dish with a spiced rum sauce, rum and raisin ice cream, marinated tropical fruits in a coconut rum,  I am sure you can think of much more inspiring rum ideas.  in this link you have to enter your date of birth at the start to enter into the pages, it took me a minute to figure this one out.


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