"Paihia Bombs" seasick capsules

Caribbean to New York taking a
reflective photo of myself
at sunrise.

With the Med to the Caribbean Milk run coming up, as well as the Pacific runs up to the Caribbean, or down to Australasia in the next couple of months a lot of sea miles will be clocked up.  Therefore chefs will be downstairs rocking and rolling in the galley to create tasty meals for the crew on passage.  For some chefs they will have guests on as well, which is extra stressful.

Even the most hardened sailor, will on occasion feel the motion of the sea particularly in the first 3 days of passage, as we all know there is no getting off!.  Marquesas to Panama passage can be 21 days plus, so one should be well prepared.

Bring on the ginger honey tea, ginger biscuits/cake, dried crackers and one thing I would recommend is "Paihia Bombs" seasick capsules.  These have already got a reputation in the superyacht industry for being excellent for motion sickness.  Made in Paihia in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, they are a special formulation pacific to this pharmacy.  Only to be purchased for your own personal use and can not be brought in bulk.  If interested it is best to contact the pharmacy yourself for details.

Paihia Pharmacy
PO Box 385
2 Williams Road
New Zealand
Phone 0064 9 402 7034
Fax 0064 9 402 7342
Email; paihiapharmacy@xtra.co.nz

Murray Jenkins is the pharmacist there.

The prices in September 2011 was $3 NZ dollars a dose, courier fee for overseas is $35 NZ dollars

If you are a great sea sick suffer I hope these will help, I personally found them great.


  1. A friend brought me some from NZ last month, June 2013, as we were sailing non-stop from Southampton to Oban on the West Coast of Scotland. I've not sailed for about 10 years and in the past have, without fail, been ill for several days at the start of any long distance sail. We had reasonable weather and the trip took about 80 hours and I had not one moment of nausea.

    Who knows, perhaps in the intervening decade my body somehow cured itself of sea sickness and I would have been fine without them, but there's no precedent for me not being seasick, so I'm a convert.

    I'm a sample of one, and therefore statistically irrelevant, but I experienced no side effects at all.

  2. I've used them before, they are great and definitely superior to the usual store-bought stuff like Sea Legs. I've actually just made a phone order for enough to last me for a trip next week from Oz back to NZ as conditions are very rough at the moment which is not unusual for this time of year, and I have to work on the passage so can't afford to be sick even for a day. They have some precautions e.g. can't use if pregnant, or if you have a heart condition, but they're definitely worth the price you pay for them.

  3. I use these all the time, I am a mad keen fisher chick but get super sea sick. I have tried all sorts of different tablets, bands, patches but nothing prevents it more than my faithful Paihia Bombers. Without this amazing product I wouldn't be able to leave the marina. About to take one in the next hour, heading out for an overnight trip this evening and won't need to take another one until tomorrow afternoon. Thank you Paihia Pharmacy!!

  4. Would these be sutable for a 13 year old boy

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