Eco Lavender Spray Cleaner

It is crazy how many chemicals we are exposed to on a daily bases through the environment such as car/boat fumes, oven cleaners, chemical cleaner sprays plus through the products we use and consume such as food wrapping, plastic bottles, fruit and vegetables pesticide spray residue the list goes on.

As the Stewards/Stewardesses, deckhands and of course us chefs know, eczema is a great problem in the industry due to the harsh cleaners used on a daily bases to keep the superyachts in tip top condition.  Some of these cleaners can be replaced by eco cleaners which do the job just as well but are not harmful to our bodies. 

If environmental laundry powder and cleaning products where used in the interior of the ship this could be a great selling point for charter especially in this environmental eco aware society.  Teamed with a healthy food menu of organic foods, stoneground flour, meats, fruit and veg etc this could draw many customers.

By making the eco lavender spray, the environment is saved from plastic with recycling the bottle, you don't need to store endless amounts of spray bottles on-board plus the rubbish after use, this would save money which the boss will love.  If one bottle of spray is used per week, a saving of at least 48 bottle are saved per year with a few being used for the eco spray.

Anyway here is the

Lavendular Officinalis

Eco Lavender Spray Cleaner  

2 teaspoons of baking soda
15 drops of lavender
A couple of drops of eco dishwashing liquid

Recycle an old 1 litre spray bottle making sure it has been thoroughly rinsed out.  In a measuring jug, place 1 litre of warm filtered or boiled water, the lavender drops plus the dishwashing liquid.  Stir the mixture then place into the spray bottle.

Label the spray bottle as Eco Lavender Cleaner, and it is ready to use for the kitchen, bathroom, general surfaces.

Lavender properties are antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal.  Lavender is calming on the nervous system so even if under pressure to get the yacht clean in under one hour you will feel calm doing it using the lavender spray, lol : ).

Other essential essence choices:

Eucalyptus oil has similar properties to Lavender
Tea Tree is great for extra antibacterial properties and is great as a toilet area cleaner.

Important Note:

Make use to buy pure essential lavender oil, there are many synthetic oils out there so buy from a chemist or organic store and read the label.


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