Muesli making for Cholesterol

Muesli close up

 Unfortunately in the last two years I have had white lines forming under my lower eye lid.  You are probably wondering what this has to do with Superyachtcuisine? well this occurs due to high cholesterol in the blood, which is caused by eating to many chocolate biscuits, cake, dairy foods such as beautiful blue cheese from France yum, stress from working to many long hours, lack of sleep also from working to many long hours and I guess from getting older.

So today is the day that I am altering my diet to become more healthier, and think what I am eating.  On Superyachts we have many guests and crew with a variety of dietary requirements.  A cholesterol reduced diet is very common one to have to cater for. 

So in a very small nut shell.

Change from saturated fats to unsaturated fat poly and mono these are olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, almond, avocado oil and use sunflower oil or other plant oil spreads not butter!.  Saturated fats are full-fat dairy, animal fats and everything that has these in them or fried in them such as biscuits, takeaways, pastries, potato chips etc.

Eat more fruit 2 a day at least and vegetables 5 a day at least.

Increase whole grains by changing to wholegrain bread, whole wheat pasta.

Eat lean meats and eat oily fish such as salmon.

Limit but have low fat dairy foods, low fat milk, yogurt, cheese.

Reduce sugar intake.

Eat organic where possible, these have less chemicals in them.

And that is basically it, plus exercise but being in the galley this is not your department.

So I am off to make home-made toasted muesli which can be untoasted muesli if preferred.  So easy to make yet so expensive to buy and on yachts pre-packed muesli uses up a lot of useful space, plus having to get ride of the boxes and packaging.  So home-made is more environmentally friendly too which is always great, plus you can label it as your own creation which guests love!.   Make two different varieties.  Anyway I will report back soon. 

Clare :)


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