Sundays Creation, Coq au vin

Heading into the galley to prep up todays creation, a classic Coq au vin.  This recipe is a one pot shop very good for when at sea, or a limited gas stove where you only have 4 hobs not six.  Great for crew or guests alike and can be served for lunch, dinner or scaled down for an entree. 

Coq au vin in French literally means 'Rooster in Wine' and I guess thats what it is.  But now the rooster has been replaced with a chicken.  The wine traditionally used in Coq au vin is Burgundy wine, Pinot Noir is a good alternative though.  Legend has it that Coq au vin was around in Julius Caesar times, but the recipe was first documented in the early 20th Century.  But I am sure there are plenty of hand me down French family cookbooks with the recipe in it, or otherwise taught from mother to daughter through the centuries.

Anyway I am off to cook!


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