Soubise Sauce

This sauce is very easy to make, great with vegetables or as a sauce with sliced roasted meats such as ham,  beef, or chicken.  The favour is soft due to the onions being sweated off until transparent but the sauce is full of flavour.  The soubise is the sweated off onions in butter which is then added to a basic bechamel sauce.

Soubise Sauce was named after the French Marshel Prince Charles Soubise (1715-1787).

Soubise Sauce


30g butter
200g onions, need to be very finely chopped, can use a food processor if knife skills not up there.
4 Tablespoons of double cream

Bechemel sauce

20g butter
20g plain flour
290ml full fat milk
1 bay leaf

Soubise method

Melt butter in saucepan and add finely chopped onions, cover with lid and cook onions over very low heat to sweat off.  The onions will become soft and transparent this will take 10 minutes or so.

 Keep an eye on them because no browning of the onion is wanted.  But if caramalisation occurs this will just create a brownish sauce but still tastes fine.

Add cream to the mix.

Bechamel sauce method

Heat milk with bayleaf do not boil though.

Melt butter and add flour stirring for one minute to create a white roux.

Remove from heat and gradually add in milk removing bay leaf, bring slowly to the boil stirring at all times.  Simmer the bechamel for 2 minutes with the bayleaf back in.

Remove from heat, remove bayleaf and mix with the soubise.

If wanting a smooth sauce, place in blender or push soubise sauce through a sieve.


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