Mallorca fabuloso website
Just came across this fabulous website, with information on shopping in Mallorca, indepth location guides which goes into the descriptions of the ports and towns, history, geographic description, photos, and what the town is today eg. tourist location, port etc.  Plus all the below information and more.

Fish Market, fresh produce market including fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese information and on this same link a map of Palma. Market information located at bottom of page.

Carrefour supermarket information

Business contact information guide

There are maps of Mallorca, always handy because sometimes being the chef I never knew where I was, especially on busy charters.

Club de Mar information, saterlite map

Car hire information

There is so much on this website check it out, if you are going to Mallorca, already in Mallorca and even if you have been going to Mallorca for years.

Sailing just out of Palma


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