The Greatest Rice Recipe

This recipe you will use for the rest of your life, it produces the perfect rice every time but follow exactly to the recipe otherwise you may be disappointed so don't be tempted to lift the lid or cook just 5 minutes more.
This recipe was given to me by my grandmother who was a great cook.

The Greatest Rice Recipe


275ml white basmatic rice/Jasmine
1 1/2 teaspoons of vegetable oil (flavourless)
1 teaspoon of salt
570ml of water


Boil the kettle with 570ml of water in it, make sure it is filtered so no taste contamination in the rice.
Place washed rice in saucepan and mix vegetable oil in to coat all rice grains.
Pour in boiled hot water and stir once, place sealed lid on (sometimes lids have vent holes for some reason in them, you don't want any water escaping). Simmer rice for exactly 10 minutes, 2 minutes in give it a stir to release rice off the bottom of saucepan. Then do not lift lid after this!
Turn off heat and leave rice for another 10 minutes again don't lift lid!
After this time it is ready to serve, if needed for later use, I fluff rice up and place in a thinnish layer on a plate to cool quickly if wanting a more sticky rice. Or if wanting for rice salad, can run rice under cold water to cool.
Remember if you don't cool quickly the rice will keep cooking under its own heat.


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