Fudge/Tablet History

Fudge is basically a derivative of the traditional Tablet, no not the kind you take for a headache, even though I do think Fudge/Tablet does have a medicinal effect. Especially eating fudge on a cold night in winter snuggled up next to roaring fire can make a person get out of the winter blues.

Tablet which has been noted as far back as the early 18th Century in "The Household Book of Lady Grisell Baillie" (1692 - 1746).  Lady Grisell was the daughter of a Scotsman Sir Patrick Hume of Polwarth who later came Earl of Marchmont.  Lady Grisell married in 1692 and began a diary of the going ons of social life in Scotland from 1692 - 1746, and this is where Tablet is first noted.  The diary entries where then condensed and published in 1911.  Therefore Fudge origins are from Scotland.

Anyway a bit of diversion there, Tablet is made from sugar, condensed milk and butter where fudge is more creamy and is made from sugar, butter and milk.  Tablet takes on a more crystallised sugary look and texture where fudge is smoother.

The chocolate fudge recipe I have given gives a snap, dissolving, semi crystallised texture rather than creamy.


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