Fregola? Salmoriglio?

Looking on the website today I came across the recipe Crispy fillet of seabass with fregola Salad and salmoriglio by Jamie Oliviers apprentice chef Jenni Hopson .  Realising I had absolutely no idea what fregola or salmoriglio is I thought it is worth investing further. Obviously they are Italian words, so if of Italian decent you probably know what it is. Having such interesting words in a menu does make the menu more appealing to the guest but sometimes is worth a description by the steward on what these words actually mean.

So fregola/fregula is Italian couscous similar to Israeli couscous. Fregola/fregula is a type of pasta traditionally made from semolina which is shaped into 3 mm small balls they are then toasted in the oven.  This style of pasta is from Sardinia.  Cook fregola in salted and oiled boiling water for 10 -12 minutes or until al dente (firm to the bite).  This style of couscous is used alot as a base for salads and a traditional Sardinian dish is fregula simmered in a tomato based sauce with clams.

Salmoriglio is a dressing originating from Southern Italy, this dressing consists of chopped garlic, chopped oregano, lemon juice, olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper, this is all placed in a pestle and mortar until drizzling consistency.  Traditionally served with seafood, grilled or roasted meats.

So on my next provisioning round I am going to look for fregola/fregula and have a go.  If you do not or can't get fregola replace with Iserali couscous.


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