Endangered Seafood

Red Snapper (back) and Red Guarnard (left and front)
We can all help to improve the enviroment we live in, one persons actions is like a ripple in a pond.  So as chefs in a industry where we serve some of the most influentual people in the world, you can make a difference in educating crew and guests by serving sustainable fish or at least non endangered fish.  Make it a point on your menu by stateing for example black seabass non-endangered fish, it might even become a talking point at dinner.

Greenpeace have a excellent website article on the subject of endangered fish with pictures so you know what you are looking for at the supermarket or fish market.
 It is quite a list which really points out how bad the situation is, this is the greenpeace list of endangered species

Greenpeace endangered fish list
Altlantic Cod
Atlantic Halibut
Greenland Halibut
European plaice
Red fish
Orange Roughy
Atlantic Salmon
Tropical shrimp
Skate + Rays

Print this list out so when shopping it can be refered too, and spread the word because otherwise these fish will no longer be here for us to see as well as eat plus the ocean feeding chain will be damaged and this causes great consequences.

The animal.discovery.com website is extremely interesting.  It has a great list of endangered fish but the excellent things is that they give alternatives which are sustainable, as well as saying why they are endangered which is interesting.   So this website is a bit more cheery than the greenpeace one, due to the fact there are fish that we can serve up to crew and guests with no guilt attached.

Another great site which has a guide that can be downloaded and printed out, this guide is easily read with a scale of worst choice up to best choice.  Of course this site is geared towards the New Zealand market but it does include the seafood that is globally endanger in the worst choice bracket.  A great print out to take with you where ever you are in the world.


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