Superyacht Cuisine

Superyacht Cuisine, these words incorporate many emotions for me, my passion for cooking, the life long links to yachts, the many sea miles I have done cooking on Superyachts, the hundreds maybe even thousands of beautiful, intriguing, challenging places I have visited and the many people I have met a long the way. 

Superyacht Cuisine will no doubt evolve over time, my dreams for this blog is to give chefs and the people that support us in our role, inspiration, knowledge of our trade (because one never stops learning), and a regular informative read.  On a more selfish note, through this blog I wish to grow as a chef because there is so much to learn since the world of cuisine is such a massive subject. 

So I hope you travel with me in the journey to make Superyacht Cuisine a great site full of captivating information.


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