An oldie but a goodie

The recipe caramelised pear ginger bread I discovered today in my ‘Australian and New Zealand complete book of cookery’ .  These great old classics can’t be beaten in my books, tried and tested recipes of our mothers and grandmothers era, always using store cupboard basics which give fabulous results.

There is no weird and wonderful ingredients in these books and no strange words which when researched actually just means you needed pumpkin seeds instead of pepita which does mean pumpkin seeds or ‘seeds of little squash’ in Mexican and Spanish but if you are not of this origin how the hell are you suppose to know this.  Sometimes I think some modern books get to fancy for there own good and it ends up on the side of ridiculous.

These older cook books can be easily sourced in second hand book stores, op shops, salvation army stores and similar and while you are there purchase some baking tins usually only a couple of bucks, bargain!. So with your grandmothers cookbooks under one arm and your baking tins in the other you will be ready to create your grandmothers delights of Tortoni Delites, paradise chiffon pie or crunchy rhubarb and apple pudding.


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