As Sweet as Honey

Honey, this amber coloured sweet sticky liquid has the most amazing properties, and can be easily added to the diet to help the body to remain healthy or to lend a helping hand to a body that needs it.

Manuka honey is the best honey for health due to the bees that produce the honey source the nectar from the manuka (tea tree) trees.  This tree holds anti-bacterial properties in its nectar as well as in the leaves and bark where tea tree oil is extracted from.

Manuka honey is not created equal and some honeys hold more anti-bacterial properties than others and the more medicinal honeys use this as a selling point and are labelled with the UMF which stands for the ‘Unique Manuka Factor’  the higher the number the more anti-bacterial properties it has and generally the higher the price you will pay.  The rating is between 10 and 20 and the higher the number the more bacterial killing power the honey has.  Every batch of UMF honey is laboratory tested since the rating can change from batch to batch, year to year and it is unknown why this is.

Manuka honey is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and taste yummy too (technical term that is).  Manuka honey’s UMF quality is heat and light resistant which is great if used in cooking, where as other honeys anti-bacterial enzymes are destroyed by heat and light more readily. 

Manuka honey is used in the treatment of gastric conditions such as a stomach ulcer which is due to the bacteria helicobacter pylori. Manuka honey is used to assist in healing irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux.  It helps to heal sore throats this bacteria being streptococcus pyogenes, it is very beneficial in healing skin ulcers, wounds, burns (which is great for the kitchen), cracked skin and relieves eczema.

For internal use for a stomach ulcer take 1 teaspoon of honey on a slice of wholegrain bread one hour before a meal with no fluids between the honey and the meal and again a  slice before bedtime. it is recommended to take the honey more regularly in the first two weeks to combat the helicobacter pylori that is causing the ulcer.

For sore throats add one teaspoon of UMF Manuka honey to lemon juice and hot water and sip slowly, or add one teaspoon of honey to your favourite herbal tea.

For external use coat wound with honey using a sterile implement remember to remove a portion of honey into a dish first for hygiene reasons, cover with a gauze.
It has to be noted to seek a doctors advise on all medical conditions.

Place manuka honey into your daily diet to maintain good health, it is great for the immune system.  Use as a replacement for sugar.


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