I have been back on land for quite a few years now and have continued my passion for food, health, and the wellbeing of the body, mind, and spirit.  

When I hopped off the Superyachts and back onto land, I studied and became a Clinical Nutritionist. I then have gone on to train to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist as habits, behaviors, and withheld energy that affect health stem from the subconscious mind. 

Combining nutrition, lifestyle changes with changing the subconscious mind programming has fantastic outcomes that are lifelong. 

I have now started up my clinic where I live in Mangawhai Heads, New Zealand.  Our clinic is called Mangawhai Wellbeing Clinic join the newsletter to keep up to date with our blog, free hypno audios, recipes, and more.  

In our clinic, we offer in the clinic and via zoom hypnotherapy consultations and nutrition consultations.  We have clients all over the world from the U.K to New Zealand.  

In clinic only, we offer reiki energy healing, relaxation massage, and hot lava stone massage.  These deeply healing modalities offer energy release out of the body, leaving the body and mind relaxed and free.  

If you would like a zoom consultation, please contact me via our website to discuss your needs in taking your steps towards excellent health and wellbeing. 

Click the link here to our website Mangawhai Wellbeing Clinic


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